We all know that SEO is really important for any website. It keeps the website competitive and up to date with the latest developments of search engines. Now, what are some of those developments that we should look out for?

1. The rise in intelligent search results.

Google has been working hard to become smarter in the way that it handles search results. Now, unlike before, you can see articles that are closely related to your query right in the search result. The article shown is sometimes even an exact answer to your question! This shows how powerful intelligent search has become, and we can only expect an increasing trend.

The good thing, however, is that you can take advantage by creating content that is not only informative but also highly targeted to the question asked.

2. An increase in voice search.

Nowadays, people are starting to search the web using voice. That’s in consideration that more and more homeowners are getting fond of smart speakers. Despite this trend not being around for so long, we can expect it to rise sharply as time goes by.

To take advantage, it would be a good idea to optimize your site for a good user experience via voice search. This will help to keep your website afloat amidst the multitude of websites that are also competing for the same keywords.

3. AI for image recognition and deep learning.

Good website content has gone beyond text and voice to include images and videos! Google has been using AI to create better image search results thanks to deep learning technology. As time goes by, we should expect this technology to grow since many companies have started making use of it.

At the same time, because images are becoming increasingly important to search engines, you should optimize your site by making sure that your images are focused on keywords and optimized for visual content.

To sum up,

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As search evolves, so does technology. Of course, you might not help but wonder how much further search engines could go in the next three years. We could be looking at a completely voice-controlled world or something much greater.